Leather care - sustainability through longevity

We want our shoes to accompany you faithfully for a long time! By providing good instructions for leather care, we want to contribute to the longevity of your shoes and thus to sustainability as a whole.

Whether you have just bought new shoes or your treasures have been sitting in the wardrobe for a long time … your shoes want to be regularly pampered with a “wellness program” using a product that is tailored to the leather.

Basic information on leather care

Leather has many positive properties, but is also sensitive. It only remains supple and largely dirt and water repellent and retains its color with regular care.Leather shoes should therefore be cared for regularly every 2-3 weeks. This prevents the leather from drying out and you can enjoy your shoes for longer.

In-between care for smooth and suede leather

It doesn't always have to be the comfort program. If the shoes are only slightly soiled on the surface, it is sufficient to brush the shoe. This prevents light soiling, such as dust, from being absorbed into the material the next time it comes into contact with moisture.

Good to know

However, more sensitive leathers such as suede and nubuck should always be sprayed after purchase or before wearing them for the first time.At Blue Heeler, smooth leather is sealed at the factory so that the material is protected against moisture and dirt. However, it does not harm the shoes if they are treated with a waterproofing spray before wearing them for the first time.

Not all leather is the same!

The care of your shoes differs depending on the type of leather, e.g.Smooth leather
Suede / suede and
Nubuck leather.
Depending on the type of leather, you will need different leather care utensils.

Not all leather is the same!

For our special models Fraser Raw and Meryl Shabby, only spray-on care products may be used, as these styles lose their iridescent surface when using wax, for example.
  • Various dirt brushes
  • Shining brush
  • clean cloth or cream brush
  • Clean cloth for polishing
  • Cleansing foam and sponge
  • Shoe polish or shoe wax

Shoe polishPenetrates deep into the leather and nourishes moreHardly any protection against moisture and dirt
refreshes the colorlow gloss after polishing
Shoe waxProtection from moisture and dirtfew care properties
Gloss after polishing
Leather greaseImpregnationUse sparingly, too much will damage the leather

The principle here is: clean first – then clean!
It is essential to remove superficial soiling before using care products.
The gentler the better… in other words, do not apply shoe polish or wax to a dirty shoe. Otherwise there is a risk that the shoe will look stained after care. The dirt also prevents the shoe polish from being absorbed into the leather.

For smooth leather, a cloth is often sufficient, which – if necessary – should be damp but not wet.
Otherwise, you can also brush the shoe carefully with a soft brush if it is superficially dirty.

For heavy soiling, apply cleaning foam to the shoe with a sponge and leave to work for approx. 5 minutes. Then remove with a slightly damp cloth. The foam removes the deep-seated protection from the leather.

Care products should only ever be applied to a dry shoe.

Shoe polish or wax makes smooth leather supple in the long term

You can either use a colorless version or one that matches the color of the shoe.
The colored version also compensates for light scratches and refreshes the color.

There are special leather impregnation sprays or wax-based leather creams.
The impregnation protects the leather with a film against the penetration of moisture.
However, it does not make the leather waterproof. Leather has the natural ability to absorb, store and release moisture.
This property is maintained by careful and regular care.
  • Various dirt brushes
  • Rubber brush
  • Special suede brush
  • Cleansing foam and sponge
  • Waterproofing spray

Due to its rough surface, suede is more susceptible to soiling and moisture. If this material is not cared for properly, it can quickly look stained and dirty. It can also become porous and the color loses its intensity.

Suede definitely needs more intensive care than smooth leather, but it is not more time-consuming, as you do not use shoe polish or wax and therefore do not need to polish it.

Instead, you are well advised to use different brushes, e.g.
a dirt brush for removing superficial dust
a special suede brush for coarse soiling and stains.

The use of brushes on suede is like a good massage:
As gentle as possible – as strong as necessary …

It is best to remove superficial dust daily or after each wear -.
see also Care for in between.

This may seem excessive at first, but the effort is manageable and worth it in the long run. Even after a short walk, fine dust settles on the leather, which appears slightly gray in dark colors. If this dust is brushed off immediately, it only takes a few moments and the dust has no opportunity to penetrate deeper into the leather. If you don’t do this, the dust will settle in the leather the next time it comes into contact with moisture at the latest and a much more time-consuming wet cleaning will then be necessary.

In the case of coarse soiling and stains, e.g. mud, it is advisable to clean the shoes when damp and again as soon as possible after wearing them, when the dirt has not yet set in.

Important: always treat the entire shoe or both shoes, as otherwise water marks may appear, especially on light-colored suede shoes.
otherwise color differences are possible after cleaning.

First brush the surface vigorously with the dirt brush slightly moistened with warm water.
Leave shoes to dry overnight and be sure to use shoe trees, as suede contracts. If you put crumpled up newspaper in your shoes, it will help to absorb the moisture. If the dirt has already dried, you need to be a little more thorough. In this case, a suede brush with metal bristles is helpful to loosen the dirt and you have to be very careful not to damage the leather. Then remove any loose dust with the dirt brush. Then apply special cleaning agent in foam form evenly to the entire shoe with a cloth or sponge and dab with kitchen paper. This process can and should be repeated several times until the desired result is achieved. Again, leave the shoes to dry overnight with shoe trees.
Once the shoes are dry, it’s time to care for them …
Before applying the care product, carefully roughen the leather with the suede brush.
Apply a thin layer of liquid care product to the entire shoe using the sponge.
If you use a color-coordinated care product, the color is refreshed at the same time.
Now allow to dry again and then roughen with a rubber brush.
It is now very important to protect the shoes again against moisture and dirt with a waterproofing spray. Sprayed on thinly several times, suede likes it best.
  • Various dirt brushes
  • Rubber brush
  • Cleansing foam and mesh sponge
  • Nubuck eraser
  • Suede and nubuck leather care products

Nubuck leather also belongs to the suede family and is characterized by its velvety soft surface, which makes it look very elegant. This leather is very breathable, but also less UV-resistant than other types of leather and the color fades quickly in the sun.

The open-pored leather soaks up moisture quickly and dirt quickly settles on it. Shoes made of this leather should therefore only be worn in dry weather if possible. These properties also determine the care.

Here too, reaching for the brush every day saves a lot of time in the long run. Dry cleaning for in between or as a basis for the wellness program.

As described above, fine dust is deposited every time you wear them. To prevent this from penetrating deeper into the leather in the long term, it should always be removed as far as possible with a dirt brush; a brush with rubber bristles, for example, is recommended for light soiling and a special brush with metal bristles for heavy soiling. Brushing also roughens the leather again and restores the characteristic velvety look and forms the basis for the wellness program.

If the nubuck leather shoe does get wet, we recommend brushing it off with a damp dirt brush until the material is evenly damp, otherwise water marks and color differences may form. Always treat both shoes.

For heavier soiling and stains, liquid cleaning agents, e.g. mild bamboo lotions or foam with a stronger cleaning effect, should be used as follows.

  • Apply the product directly to the brush and spread evenly over the entire shoe.
  • Remove the loosened dirt with a soft, clean and damp cloth.
  • Dry the shoes with shoe trees and crumpled newspaper.
  • After drying, do not forget to impregnate!
Stubborn stains can often be removed with a special eraser.
Rub one corner of the eraser in a circle over the stained areas with light pressure. The shoe should be dry.
If this does not have the desired effect, do not rub or rub harder.
This could damage the surface. Wet cleaning is recommended instead.
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