Roots – We are 100% Australian!

We are  a family business from Brisbane, Australia.

As we all know, Australians are one of a kind. We speak a distinctive slang known as ‘Strine’. With a laid-back attitude, Aussie’s are well known for their friendly, open-minded manner. We seem to have ‘hit the nail on the head’ in most things though, as Australian’s quality of life is amongst the best in the world. Aussie’s call their country “the lucky country”, we at blue heeler, would like to bring a taste of this to Europe and the rest of the world.

Founder, Ira Neumann, lives as an Australian in northern Germany. She has been in the shoe industry for more than 25 years and remains dedicated to providing footwear that is second to none. blue heeler was launched in Brisbane, Australia in 2010.

An Australian brand that is relevant, vibrant and dynamic; uncompromising in style, perfection and quality. Ira aims to share her creative talent, envisaging original design concepts in footwear. blue heeler is now recognised as a world leader and will continue to become an integral part of every fashionable wardrobe.

Vibrant, contemporary Australian inspired workwear

Vibrant, contemporary Australian inspired workwear and fashion designs that accommodate any pursuit: Equestrian, Smart-casual or High street fashion are all considered and embraced by our extensive range of versatile footwear. Shoes for everyone who knows what they want and expect only the best. Our iconic Aussie inspired Chelsea boots are one of our favourites, they are genuine, authentic and essential stylish classics.

Outback Aussie farmers have used this all-purpose and functional footwear for generations, wearing them almost exclusively. Not only practical: easy on and off, they are perfect for any weather – highly water resistant: great for work, fantastic for play. Shoes which take you from the farmyard to city nightlife.

Our footwear showcases all-natural materials (very important to us) and are ‘made to measure’ for any lifestyle.

Outsoles are all natural: rubber or leather, high-quality cowhide uppers and a soft inner lining of yearling leather ensuring superior high wearing comfort and longevity.

We at blue heeler cherish our reputation and are proud of our new-fashioned collections. Harmony with nature and the environment and fine craftsmanship set our shoes apart:

Fashionable Workwear

Varied and genuine design classics

Trendy and traditional shoes

Our mission

Our brand is the embodiment of exquisite, authentic and down to earth Premium quality footwear. Though not the first to bring this Australian style, the smart-casual Chelsea boot, to Europe and the rest of the world, we have perfected the design, lifting it to new levels. Priding ourselves on sourcing superior quality materials for all our collections, we aim to deliver our contemporary, classic and stylish brand of footwear worldwide.

Our footwear

Durable and oiled cowhide uppers which are thick yet extremely supple and an inner lining of exceptionally soft yearling leather.

Traditionally Handcrafted

Our shoes are traditionally handcrafted; impeccable workmanship ensures high wearing comfort and durability that will last and look fantastic for many years to come.

Made in Europe

We manufacture the majority of our shoes in Europe. The Portuguese are renowned for their traditional shoe-making skills. We have developed a fantastic working relationship here over the years; this has enabled us to design products that are leaders in the footwear industry worldwide.

Shortened transport routes, reduce costs so we can maximize affordability of our footwear for our valued customers

Fit and Function

Passion and attention to detail are paramount in finding the perfect fit for our shoes – together with the FAGUS experts; we work on perfecting the blue heeler ‘last’ two years before production ensues.

Slim Fit

Somewhat narrower strips guarantee best wearing comfort even with slim feet

Comfort and Wearability

Natural materials are important to us: in addition to our shoes being all leather, the soles are also all natural, made of rubber or leather.

Attention to the Foot bed

In every shoe, we include flexible high-quality exchangeable bedding inserts (optional in our top of the range boots), making our shoes not only comfortable but extremely versatile. Orthotics and personalised insoles are easily accommodated.


The Blue Heeler, also known as the Australian Cattle Dog, is a genuine working dog. Traditionally, Blue Heeler’s have been used by Stockmen and Drovers throughout the generations in Australia, to help on outback cattle stations. Mustering and droving mobs of cattle, keeping them together over long distances in a harsh and challenging climate.

The first Australian settlers bred the Blue Heeler to be a tireless, hard-working and fiercely loyal workmate and companion. In Australia, the Blue Heeler dog is referred to as your best ‘mate’ in the bush; reliable, intelligent and energetic. Our shoes echo these attributes; they have particularly durable water-resistant cowhide leather that is thick yet supple. Uncompromising, superior craftsmanship guarantee’s that your shoes will be reliable, comfortable and able to go any distance with flare and fun. In character with the Blue Heeler, our shoes will be your fair dinkum friend for many years to come.